Friday, February 25, 2011

Buckwheat SOUR DOUGH - EGG Free Bread

How do you make Sour Dough Starter? Here it is, short and sweet:
(Taken from Tamara Clark and the blog site “”)

1. Find a crock
2. Wash the crock and find a top for it (any plastic lid that fits lightly on top will work fine).
3. Dilute 2 Tablespoons of commercial yeast in 2 cups of warm water. Put 2 cups of brown rice flour into your crock and pour in your warm water mix. Add 2 Tablespoons of sugar (white, brown, honey, molasses) and mix well. Let your covered crock sit in a warm place for 24 hours. You can start using it the next day, if you'd like, or you can repeat the feeding process by adding some more sugar and letting it sit another day or so before using it. Usually, we start using ours the next day and watch in amazement as our sourdough's (flapjacks) get better and better each day after, as we use and replenish our starter.
4. If you use your starter, replace what you used. If you use a cup of starter, for instance, for flapjacks in the morning, replenish your starter with 1 cup of rice flour, 1 cup of warm water and 1-2 T of sugar. Pretty easy. (I usually make my starter the consistency of pancake batter.)
*Note: you don't have to use your starter every day but if it's at room temperature it's best to feed it daily. (flour/water/sugar)
That's it.

Now, take one 13 oz package of Arnel’s Originals Bread Mix.
Add 9 oz of water, 3 Tablespoons oil, ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar
Mix till smooth and stretchy. Add 8.7oz sour dough starter. Mix again.
Let it rise in a warm place until it rises (Maybe a couple of hours)

Bake on 350* oven for 35 minutes and viola ENJOY your Whole Grain, Organic, Gluten Free, Sour Dough Bread.

(Egg free, Soy free, Corn free, Dairy free, Gluten Free!)

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